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Crawler Camera Service

Solutions for all lines

Some lines are simply too large for the traditional pushrod style video cameras to be effective. In these cases, John’s still has you covered.

Our new Crawler Camera is a remotely controlled, self-propelled tractor that is capable of traversing and recording high quality full color video and images of sewer, drain, and pipelines up to 48” in diameter. Coupled with our traditional Video Inspection services, we now have the ability to inspect virtually any line you may have!

If you have a large line that you need video inspected, call us today!

About Our Camera Unit

John’s Employs the latest technology from Ibak for our Crawler Camera Services. Their T76 Tractor is equipped to traverse any size pipe as small as 5”, and as large 48” or more. It can inspect up to 1000 feet at a time, has zero-radius steering to navigate the toughest obstacles, and is equipped with remote elevators to lift and center the camera within the pipe.

Mounted on the T76 tractor is the Orpheus Camera, which offers full color recording, LED Lighting, Pan and tilt functions, autofocus, and 40x zoom to allow it to capture accurate, clear footage from almost any position within the pipe. Laser measurement allows for proper identification of distance, and a remote locator allows problems to be located from the ground with ease.

Reasons to have a sewer video inspection

How crawler camera video recording works

Crawler camera video inspection involves inserting a remote controlled tractor equipped with a camera into your sewer or drain line. The camera is then driven throughout the system on the tractor, controlled remotely by one of our technicians in our state of the art video inspection unit.

The camera has a transmitter that sends a signal to a locator used above ground. This allows us to determine where the line is going as well as to pinpoint the exact location and depth of a problem area.

Digital record of inspection

When we use video inspection on a sewer line, we record what we see and can produce a DVD or digital copy of the procedure. This allows you to see the problem for yourself, and it allows us to provide an accurate, free estimate for your repair. In addition to keeping a DVD of the inspection, you will also receive a report detailing potential problems, their severity and exact location.

Excavation and repair

Because we are a full-service sewer and drain cleaning specialist, we can do all the necessary excavation and repairs to get your sewer or drains up and running in the event that you do find a problem. We may suggest a discounted preventive maintenance program to keep the line running. If the problem is more serious, we can excavate and repair or replace the line for you.

John's Promise

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