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Catch Basins

Prevent flooding from excess water

A catch basin (a type of storm drain) captures excess water from parking lots and roadways to prevent flooding. In the process, it also collects trash and debris, which helps keep pollutants out of the local water supply.

Catch basins have a sump area where the dirt and debris settle. The dirt accumulates over time and needs to be removed so the catch basin can continue working properly.

Rules and regulations for catch basin maintenance

The rules and regulations for catch basin cleaning vary by city. Depending on where your property is located, you may be required to inspect and/or clean your catch basins on a regular basis. We will work with you to ensure that your preventive maintenance plan for your storm drain system meets the standards and guidelines for your area.

How we clean catch basins

We clean catch basins with either a clamshell or vactor truck.

Clamshell truck

A clamshell truck gets its name from the large claw on the front of the truck that is used to scoop out dirt from the catch basin. Even though these trucks are not able to remove 100% of the dirt and debris, many of our customers choose the clamshell method because it is less expensive and still gets the job done. Sometimes, however, your city or area requires that a vactor truck (see below) be used in order to clean the most dirt and debris possible.

Vactor truck

A vactor truck is a type of pump truck. Its great power and unique profile allows a vactor truck to pick up more dirt and debris than a clamshell truck, and therefore, can more completely clean out a basin. Vactor trucks cost more to run than clamshell trucks and take longer to complete a job. However, some cities and areas require that a vactor truck be used to achieve a more thorough cleaning.

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