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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning in Billerica, MA

Main sewer line repairs

The main sewer line is the section of your sewer system that goes from your building out to the city sewer or a septic tank. When the main sewer line clogs, it will affect many drains and likely cause a major disruption to your business.

At John’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we understand that a clogged main sewer line is an emergency situation for your family.

Causes of main sewer line clogs

Main sewer line clogs are most often caused by tree roots. Roots can enter your sewer line over time and can cause backups. If your main sewer line is located near many trees, we recommend calling us for a video inspection every 1-5 years.

Cleaning your main sewer line

Most of the time, using a “snake” machine is enough to get a newer sewer line up and running again.  If snaking the line uncovers any problems, we may recommend using video inspection to take a closer look. This involves inserting a tiny camera in the sewer line and recording everything we see. Once our video inspection camera has reached the blockage or damage in your line, we’re able to pinpoint its exact location in the ground and depth. That way, if we have to dig, we’ll know right where to start.

Maintenance can prevent problems

Even though your main sewer line connects to a city system, you are responsible for maintaining it—including any needed repairs. We often advise setting up preventive maintenance plans for main sewer lines to help prevent backups.

Tips for main sewer lines

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