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Stormwater Management

Our Stormwater Management Services

Stormwater management requires knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern stormwater drainage systems, as well as the most effective maintenance programs to keep them in good working order. You’ll benefit from the expertise of a professional drain cleaning company to oversee the regular maintenance of stormwater drains.

Catch Basins

A catch basin (a type of storm drain) captures excess water from parking lots and roadways to prevent flooding. In the process, it also collects trash and debris, which helps keep pollutants out of the local water supply.

Area Drains

Area drains are small outdoor drains. They differ from catch basins in that they typically have smaller sumps, or lack them completely. They can be on sidewalks, in stairwells, low lying grassy areas, or any other area that tends to collect water. Area drains can be tied into typical larger stormwater drainage systems, or have perforated floors that allow collected water to leech back into the ground.

Storm Line Drains

The first step in cleaning a Storm Drain Line is determining if it is necessary. Often times, slow stormwater system drainage can be rectified simply by inspecting your Catch Basins and Water Quality Units (if applicable) and cleaning as necessary.

Water Quality Units

Water quality units are structures that separate sediment, grease and oils from storm water runoff in conjunction with your catch basin system. They provide an additional layer of protection to keep debris from entering the water supply. Many cities now require water quality units be installed when developing new properties. These units are also known as Stormceptors, Vortechnics or Vortex units, conTech units, hydraGuard units and Downstream Defenders.

Oil/Water Separators

Oil-Water separators, sometimes called MDC or gas traps, are found in many parking lots and garages, among other places. They are typically chambered tanks that allow for water to drain through while collecting any oils, greases, and other contaminants that may be in the stormwater system. These structures should be kept clean in order to maintain proper function and avoid contamination.

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