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Clogged Toilets

Unclogging toilets - the most common household problem

A clogged toilet is one of the most common home drain problems. Unfortunately, using a simple home plunger is not always effective with bigger clogs. When that time comes, call John’s for fast, same day service.

How we’ll unclog your toilet

Each of our technicians is equipped with the proper equipment to unclog your toilet. A toilet auger is the primary tool used to remove toilet blockages that cannot be unclogged with a simple plunging. Because your toilet is fragile, we make sure to train our technicians to use the proper tools and techniques, and practice the utmost in care to ensure that we can get your toilet drain flowing again without damaging your throne.

Common toilet clogging culprits

Tips for preventing toilet clogs

John's Promise

When you call John’s, you’re not just another customer – you’re a neighbor in need, and we’re here to help.  A live person is always here waiting for your call, and our goal is to be at your home or business within two hours.


John’s Sewer provides top of the line services to keep your drains operating.

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