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Storm Line Drains

Manage stormwater from your property

Storm drain lines are high capacity lines that run between catch basins (also called storm drains) and discharge stormwater from your property. When they clog, nearby parking lots flood and often cause damage to vehicles. It only takes a couple of inches of drain water to cause a 3- or 4-foot back up. Property managers are responsible for cleaning these lines and could be responsible for any damage caused by backups.

How We Clean Storm Drain Lines

The first step in cleaning a Storm Drain Line is determining if it is necessary. Often times, slow stormwater system drainage can be rectified simply by inspecting your Catch Basins and Water Quality Units (if applicable) and cleaning as necessary.

However, in some cases, especially without routine maintenance and cleaning, sediment and debris can find its way into your stormwater lines, causing slow draining, and in some cases, back-ups. If you’ve cleaned your Catch Basins and Water Quality Units, it might be time to consider cleaning your lines. Luckily, John’s has all the equipment to do so, thoroughly.

Water Jet
Most stormwater lines can be flushed out with a normal water jet truck. We have all the attachments and equipment necessary to deal with these larger lines, and can typically clean your stormwater line with ease. However, sometimes the lines are simply too large, or the debris is too large and/or heavy. In these cases, we might recommend bringing in a Vactor truck.

Vactor Truck
Along with cleaning catch basins and water quality units, Vactor Trucks are useful in cleaning the largest of storm lines, when a normal Water Jet just isn’t enough. Vactor trucks actually have their own, larger water jet setups that allow them to clear larger lines and blockages. Additionally, depending on the location of the blockage, the vacuum function of the truck can be used to dislodge and remove sediment and blockages completely.

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